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This page is all about texts, not sure if I want to bother you with lots of yet, still there are couple of links – to the Russian texts and my first and ever try to write in English – promise, I wouldn’t do it again, too restricted language for my love to pain with the words. Anyway, enjoy!

Some Russian texts

“The Sixth Letter” - sort of novel-style story in letters, in English.

“Broken Promises” - we give promises just to break them sometimes, aren't we? In English.

Also I would like to add some loose bits and pieces:

Nicola Fouquet's places in Paris - I know, there are some mistakes there, it's ok )

Link to the pdf file

Photostocker magazines (in Russian but with lots of images) which we were producing for a while with a group of wonderful people who were really kind to help and support me with that project! Feel free to look through, there are a lot of useful info, interesting interviews and pictures-pictures-pictures! Photo-journey in each issue: 1 - Kyrgyzstan, 2 - Mountains and lakes, 3 - Cotswolds, 4 - Paris

Photostocker N 1

Photostocker N 2

Photostocker N 3

Photostocker N 4